Travel Marketing Solutions

“International Travel Network Dedicated To Providing High-Impact Marketing Solutions”

Who we are

Our Mission

That Travel Solution is committed to helping restaurants, attractions and retail establishments connect directly with amzazing guests and without layers of middlemen that generally drive up the costs for both visitors and business alike

How we do it

Once a guest has a card, they instantly have access a vast and customized network of partciapting venues and offers throughout major tourist destinations such as Orlando, New York City, Las Vegas & Anheim/OC in addition to a growing netwrk of more localized markets such as Richmond, VA, Williamsburg, VA and Virginia Beach, VA and more.

Card holders of any or all of our varying versions of our Kids Eat Free Card, VIP Shop & Dine 4Less Card and/or Play 4Less Card, are able to maximize their valued discretionary spending while partcipating venues are able to maximize ttheir investment in each guest through the offers they honor through each program. The original Win-Win for both guests and venues alike.


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